Can anyone provide Latin or Greek versions of my Turkish name Mirac Tukenmez?

Original: Can anyone provide Latin or Greek versions of my Turkish name Mirac Tükenmez?

Hello, not-so-Anonymous!

So. Mirac, Arabic Mi’raj, is Ascension, as in the Ascension of Muhammad into Heaven. This corresponds to the Christian Ascension of Christ into Heaven—as in, one could reasonably use the same name.

The Greek for Ascension in that sense is Analēpsis. Literally, Taking Up. It’s not something Christ did on his own; he was Taken Up by God the Father. Without the trinitarian complications, that would be even more clearly the case for Muhammad.

There is no Ancient Greek name or Saint’s name I can find that derives from Analēpsis. If there were such a name, it would be Analēptos Ἀνάληπτος, “the Taken Up One”.

Tükenmez “Inextinguishable”? Ἄσβεστος Asbestos, of course. Yes, that’s what asbestos means.

Analeptus Asbestus?

I’ll add one variant. I was googling in case anyone has ever used the word Ἀνάληπτος as a name. I found that one guy took the word Ανεπανάληπτος “Unprecedented!”, and turned it into a moniker: Ανέπ Ανάληπητος, Anep Analeptos.

It’s not as good an option, and it’s a Greek in-joke. But there you go.

EDIT: It just occurred to me: people aren’t realising that the pronunciation of Mirac in Turkish is pretty close to Mirage in English. But Mirac in Turkish is a male name. Mirage in English is female, and sounds most like a stripper’s name…

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