How do Quora followers react when Quora’s server is down?

Contra Loretta B DeLoggio, I am not more mature and patient than a high school student. 🙂

Quora’s server being down goes into the same box for me as Quora’s UI stuffing up, or Quora losing my comment because of its bizarre insistence on connectivity and refreshing, or Quora losing days’ worth of stats, any number of glitches that somehow do not seem to plague other comparable sites I use.

I growl “Fricking Quora”, I hit refresh a couple of times, and then I find something else to do for the next hour. Which in fact is what Loretta does too!

Are there any linguistics books about Chinese?

This may not be the kind of linguistics you’re into. It is the kinda of linguistics I’m into. And it’s magisterial: it’s worth getting even if you’re not actually interested in Mandarin:

Charles N. Li, Sandra A. Thompson. Mandarin Chinese: A Functional Reference Grammar. University of California Press, 1989