Who are people on Quora whose answers you frequently upvote even though you disagree with them?

Dimitra Triantafyllidou and I have a running pretend feud about how we disagree about lots. We don’t disagree about lots, though, and we’re always pleasantly surprised when we disagree about anything! She gets an upvote when we don’t, and she gets an upvote when we do: she argues her point well, and sometimes even changes my mind.

Don’t tell her I said that, though.

I benefit from different political opinions to my left, and I particularly appreciate answers from Victoria Weaver. I’m not going to become a communist, but I’m interested in where’s she’s going with technocommunism, and we have enough good will for each other that’s she’s promised me a lovely bridge to shoot me under, when the Revolution comes.

No, I haven’t listed Clarissa Lohr here. I don’t know that I actually disagree with her all that much. She’s too circumspect about her own ideology for me to.

On my right (and to me, American libertarianism is to my right) I did upvote Rob Weir a fair bit, because he presented that ideological perspective cogently, and I was vaguely interested to hear more. More vaguely than the Quora feed assumed I was: I was soon deluged with libertarianism 24–7, and I ended up muting him.

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