How many topics have you written about on Quora?

Thanks, Martin!

I went to my mobile; I didn’t even know that feature was on there. (And why it would be on mobile not desktop is puzzling.)


I am not conscious or discriminate about topics I answer, although there are no-go areas for me—science for example. I don’t have humanities training as such (linguistics does not comport itself as a humanities), but the answers I enjoy most are those where I venture into cultural studies or history, armed with a couple of Wikipedia pages and my own good sense, and try and make sense of a narrative.

But I do have core topics of competency, and I write more about them than others. I do worry that I write too much meta-content (Quora), especially as my Quora answer count has recently overtaken my Greek Language answer count. But I don’t find that results in me choosing not to answer a question about Quora. The way I manage my mountain of A2As is to take my time about getting to them: if someone else has gotten to one before me, and has done a good job of it, I can cross it off my list in good conscience.

I do feel bad about not answering enough questions about programming, and none about IT policy; but I’m not used to doing it (despite Miguel Paraz’s best efforts).

Are there topics I won’t answer despite being knowledgeable about them? No, not really. I’m just not circumspect in that way. I barely even correct myself here…

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