How can I apologize to a Quora user who blocked me?

As a general answer, rather than an answer as to your specifics, OP:

If a user has blocked you, they have chosen to stop all communication with you. That includes apologies. It is possible in theory for the blockee to reach out to the blocker; but it is extremely risky, and frowned upon, and “let it go” is good default advice:

  • There are several instances documented here where the blockee meets the blocker at Quora meetup, and they’re having a mellow chat, during which the blockee asks “So, why’d you block me anyway?” And the blocker responds, “Oh, I did?” Sometimes, the blocker then even remembers to unblock the blockee.
  • I have heard of instances where the blockee reaches out to the blocker via a mutual friend. You’d have to have a mutual friend, of course, who agrees to put themselves in the path of fire.
  • There’s this approach: Do you think I deserved to get blocked for this comment to Habib Fanny’s fear of being killed on the basis of racial prejudice in USA? Now, this approach did work: the blockee expressed themselves unclearly, Habib assumed he was being attacked, and Habib accepted the blockee’s explanation and unblocked him. Note however:
    • The question has since been deleted.
    • The OP was universally derided in answers to the question that weren’t from Habib, and many of the reactions were decidedly un-BNBR. (The OP earned himself a block from one of the respondents in fact, just for raising the question.)
    • Habib Fanny is a mensch. Most Quora users are not mensches.

My own prejudice is that someone who’s trigger happy about blocking is not someone I’d want anything to do with anyway. But then, I don’t often give people excuses to block me. (Not never, but not often.)

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