Will Quora someday come to an end? With all the absurd questions arising everyday it seems the threshold for meaningful questions has been reached.

Nick Nicholas’ answer to What will kill Quora?

Of course, as Bill Husted said (Bill Husted’s answer to Will Quora someday come to an end? ), all things end, and of course, it won’t be because questions are a finite resource: Are the number of questions that can be asked on Quora finite?

There are things that will kill Quora, and D’Angelo is not the source I’d seek any assurance from, about the future of Quora. I mean, come on. The guy’s a Silicon Valley CEO. What else is he gonna tell you?

No, it’s not the dumb questions.

No, it’s not the trolls.

No, it’s not the smugness.

No, it’s not the teens.

No, it’s not the moderation.

No, it’s not the UX randomness.

If Quora is the second incarnation of Gutenberg, remember that Gutenberg lost his printing press in a lawsuit, and he made his money from printing indulgences.

Monetisation. That’s what will make Quora live or die. The venture capital vat of money is running out. You’d better hope Quora has a good marketing arm to deal with ads.

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