What Quora blogs do you recommend following (as of 2017)?

Blogs not already mentioned that I’m subscribed to:

  • The Insurgency: “A critique of Quora, and a critique of critiques of Quora.” Blog hosting various criticisms of Quora, which exposes those criticisms to scrutiny.
  • Bug? or Feature? “In which we discuss and analyze ambiguous and elusive Quora ux specimens.” Successor to at least one major aspect of the late Rage Against Quora: UI features that make one say ¿Que?
  • The Still-Alive Poets Society. “This is a blog where Quorans can share their original poems. Both poems written for answers and original posts are accepted, but only original work.”
  • Dispatches from the Other Language Quoras. “A blog to discuss peculiarities, differences, and experiences in Quoras other than English.”

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