What is your favourite celebrity nickname?

Some celebrity nicknames are funny, and ingenious, and a sign that you have made it big, if you have an instantly recognizable nickname.

On the other hand, some celebrity nicknames show familiar contempt for celebrities, and I like those too. Australian bent in these.

  • Madge for Madonna
    • This. So delightfully pulling her down a peg.
  • Jacko or Wacko Jacko for Michael Jackson
  • The Silver Budgie for Bob Hawke
    • Silver-haired, short
  • The Singing Budgie for Kylie Minogue
    • Sings, short
  • The Mad Monk for Tony Abbott
    • Former seminarian, volatile, social conservative
  • Dipper for Robert DiPierdomenico
  • Farnsey and Barnsey for John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes
    • The rhyme was used as a commentary on the uniformity of Australian rock radio being monopolised by them

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