What type of experts are needed on Quora right now? In what subject matters are we deficient?

I don’t have the wherewithal to judge where we don’t have good coverage, and I haven’t thought “I cannot get an answer about this topic on Quora”. Then again, I tend not to ask questions on Quora!

But to back up Joseph Heavner’s point and generalise it:

  • More humanities and social sciences academics.

I have the utmost of contempt for Quora’s credentialism—what Silicon Valley thinks scholarship is about (to quote myself). But if you go diving into linguistics or sociology, you notice that there’s not a lot of regular users who are academics giving specialist advice. Lots of excellent linguists here, for example, not least of whom IS ME. But people whose day job is as a linguistic academic? Thomas Wier, and he doesn’t write often enough.

I have the distant impression that we’ve got plenty of Hard Science and Computer Science academics here, but I could be wrong.

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