Linda Zuo: How I was banned

2016–12–04 by Nick Nicholas on Necrologue

I have just been contacted by Linda:

Great job about The Insurgency by the way, if this doesn’t come off as patronizing.

(But no more drawings? [disappointed emoji])

You may or may not remember the answer over which I got banned, but there was an off-Quora exchange with the mods (admin? I admit to not knowing the difference) that I find more offensive than the “faked-an-e-mail-and-maintained-sock-puppets” charges.

So, a few hours after I got banned, Jason Li sent me an e-mail expressing his sympathy and saying he’d written to Quora to protest the ban. I’m not what the exact response he got was, but a while later, he posted in the comments section of a question pertaining to my ban that Jonathan Brill had assured him that they’d tried communicating with me before and that it hadn’t gone well (and that after reading through my edit log, he was more in sympathy with Quora’s position. And, admittedly, that answer wasn’t very nice. But I tried to stay respectful!).

Whether he (Jonathan) meant that they’d talked to me directly after the ban or during the six-odd months I’d been active on Quora doesn’t matter – because there was never, ever any direct contact (other than the reply to a message I’d sent after the deletion of my answer inquiring as to why a certain Power User went unpunished for rudeness, discrimination and plagiarism, which Tatiana insisted – more than once – was faked).

Just thought some people might be interested to know I was swiftly and directly banned over of two BNBRs (the answer and a comment underneath in which I merely quoted the subject of my answer – don’t I get an edit-block first?) and that afterwards some people tried to make it sound as though it was a last resort after reaching out to me and getting a prickly ignore, i.e. tried to make it sound better than it looks—and was.

Eh, maybe this message is a bit rambling and I’m overbeating a dead zebra. Wanted someone to know, so….thanks for reading?

And hi to everyone, if you do publish this 🙂

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