Is the feature of “most viewed writers” on Quora no longer available, or is it broken?

The badges are gone from my profile. The MVW lists are gone from topics like Greek (language) that used to have them.

This was reported gone yesterday (McKayla Kennedy’s answer to As of April 2017, what should I do to view the list of “most viewed” writers in a topic?), but not for everyone. It’s gone for me today. Given how the feature had been crippled already, I have little incentive to think this is a bug as opposed to a feature (see Bug? or Feature?) Who knows: it might come back. The “Follows You” badge did. It might not.

Most Viewed Writers (Quora feature). Like all good, bad, and indifferent ideas on Quora design, it did not last.


Designing an Offsite for Designers by Giselle Rahn on Quora Design

Design Offsite: What Makes for a Good 2017? by Quora on Life at Quora

EDIT: (cc Daniel Ross Jordan Yates Martha Lancaster Abdelrahman Hamdy)

Nick Nicholas’ answer to What do you think of the changes to the Most Viewed Writer system on Quora? (Feb 15 2017)

So… how will “writers who are most actively contributing and helping people within the topics they know and care about” be recognised now? [citing Most Viewed Writers by Jackson Mohsenin on The Quora Blog, 2015–08–14]

Well I guess the badges are still there. For now.

Yes. I called it.

What did I think, when I found out that anonymous answerers will not be able to comment or be notified on comments—followed immediately by this?

I thought of the Greek saying Θέλω ν’ αγιάσω μα δε μ’ αφήνουν.

“I’m trying to become a saint. But they won’t let me!”

… They really won’t.

EDIT: And today… they’re back.

Like I said in comments. The User Experience here is like a fricking game of Nomic.

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