MVW. Un-RIP. Perhaps.

MVW. RIP. (Unless that’s a bug, not a feature.)

  • Day before yesterday, MVW badges were gone for McKayla, but not yesterday.
  • Yesterday, MVW badges were gone for me.
  • Today, MVW badges are back.

Let’s just pause a bit, shall we?

We are on a platform whose UX changes weekly. We have no idea whether changes on the UX are intentional or not. We surmise that certain features are not in favour by the designers, because of related changes. When features disappear from the UX, we are genuinely—genuinely—baffled as to whether they are bugs, deliberate features, or A/B trial balloons. We assume deliberate change, because we decide that certain features are under a cloud. And right now, I still don’t know whether the badges are back for good, or whether I’m in some A/B game of Nomic.


Design Offsite: What Makes for a Good 2017? by Quora on Life at Quora

Yeah, you guys. Remember us? The users?

Do you think we’re being well served by this?


David Cole’s answer to What is the role of a product designer at Quora? (David Cole, Director of Design at Quora; I think he’s the guy in red in the photo.)

Like all software product design teams, we are responsible for Quora’s user interface. We’re actively building out and unifying our design system, focusing heavily on typography and the core reading interactions. We primarily concern ourselves with clarity over cleverness, seeing UI innovation as a means to an end and not something to pursue for its own sake.

(Emphasis mine)

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