Has Nick Nicholas ever studied any form of Norwegian and can he actually speak Norwegian?

Peter J. Wright, why didn’t you A2A?

I have not studied Norwegian. However, one of my fellow PhD students did, writing her thesis on it, and she was a gung-ho Nynorskist. I actually red-penned a passage in her thesis where she referred to Bokmål as Danish.

I didn’t think I was actually all that pro-Bokmål in my answers; but if I come across that way, it’s because I’ve been in contact with biased Nynorsk-speakers, and it’s to refute my own instinctive attraction to Nynorsk, as a “language of the people” (Osloans are people too), or as a counterpart to Greek Demotic. (Then again, Standard Demotic is artificial too.)

And yes, it’s because I’ve read linguistic and sociolinguistic research, and Wikipedia.

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