How can I get rid of unicode characters in a csv file?

To add to Adrian Ho’s answer: Non-Ascii characters can cause havoc in (very very old by now) applications that assume a particular one-byte encoding like Latin-1. For that reason, command-line solutions like what Adrian suggests are safer for ASCII-fying text files than Windows or Mac applications, which may still leave stray Non-ASCII characters in place.

An abundance of command-line solutions can be found on the Better Place (StackOverflow):

If you’re in a non-stupid text-editor on Windows or Mac, Regexes will save you; e.g.

(Notepad++ on Windows is non-stupid; so is BBEdit on Mac.)

Can you pass the US citizenship test?

10/10, although I had to pause and think for a couple of them. And I was getting Vermont mixed up in my head with Maine for the reason why it was not part of the original 13.

This is… hm. I think I’ve been reading US media too long.

John Howard, bless his regressive lickspittle socks, would have demanded a lot of cricket knowledge for the Australian equivalent, that I would have failed.