Who’s your favorite banned Quoran?

Jimmy Liu.

On strike in support of Jay Liu by Nick Nicholas on Opɯdʒɯlɯklɑr In Exile

My first experience of a popular (massively popular) Quora user banned. One that has coloured all my interaction with Quora since.

The Question Details solicit information as to why people were banned. Quora bans all such discourse, and I’m tempted to remove that detail.

I continue to find that practice counterproductive, and perpetuating an atmosphere of capriciousness and unaccountability. But it’s fair to link to Tatiana Estévez’ recent articulation of why Quora does so: Tatiana Estévez’s answer to Why does Quora delete all questions pertaining to the ban of Quora users?

The question on why Jimmy was banned was deleted. Of course. And even before it was, the one answer that was well informed was deleted. It was a screenshot from the Top Writers’ Facebook Group, of a Quora employee saying that whatever the reason was, it was not to do with his recent name change, as we’d all assumed.

(The fact that such a discussion could be had on the Top Writers’ Facebook Group and not here on Quora is another cause of rage to me, btw.)

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