What would make you follow me?

This is my general flowchart as to what makes me follow people.

I will not follow you if:

  • You have zero answers
  • You have more than 10k followers. (It used to be, more than 1k followers.) You can find what I think of superstar Quorans on my blog; the question has already been deleted, so I won’t link from here. But in summary, I’m less likely to have a two-way interaction, and more likely to be frustrated with them.

I will definitely follow you if:

  • You post interesting things in areas of my core interest. Pretty much guaranteed if you post on: Greek, Greece, Classics, Historical Linguistics.
  • You come up in my feed a number of times, in different topics. That’s the universe sending me a sign. It’s happened several times.
  • We interact in comments, and we end up having good banter.

I will likely follow you if:

  • You are good friends with one of my Quora besties.
  • You come recommended from one of my Quora besties.
  • You post interesting things in areas of my near-core interest. That includes Linguistics, Turkey, Albania, Australia, Classical Music, Quora.
  • You post extremely interesting things, in areas of my not quite core interest. That can range from theology to British politics. There are people I’ve followed on the strength of one post, but it was an extraordinary post.

I may follow you if:

  • You are witty. Not as core as other criteria, but I appreciate it.
  • You follow me, though that’s not as strong a criterion as it used to be. After all, I’m followed from three times as many people as I follow.

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