Which Quorans have taught you the most about a different race or culture?

In some ways, Greekdom is a different culture to me. And Dimitra Triantafyllidou has been my patient reacquainter with what has happened in Greece for the past three decades.

Pegah Esmaili teaches me many things; Iran and Azeridom have been only some of it.

I have learned a lot about Turkey here, but you know, I can’t single out just one Turk for it. Ayse Temmuz, Cagatay Ata, Alperen Erol, Erdi Küçük, Serdar Yalçın, Erkin Ergüney, Irene Avetyan

Albania/Kosovo is the other neighbour I’m consumed by interest about. Aziz Dida, Athanasios Canko, Ilir Mezini, Kelvin Zifla, Dorian Shkëmbi, Butrim Gjonbalaj

Deaf culture: Don Grushkin, Julie Hochgesang

The just re-deactivated Sam Morningstar on Native American culture and history

Jay Liu on China: Jimmy is gone, but will never be forgotten. He may be scandalised to be included in the same paragraph as him, but: Paul Denlinger too.

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