Is it possible to fry eggs in water? if I wonder how to do it, why quora collapses my answer?

In a small-minded, robotic reading, I can see why this was deemed as not answering the question.

What’s happening in reality of course is that both the question and answer are in poor English (I’m sorry, but they are), so one needs to think a little to understand what is going on. And Quora Moderation does not always display a sympathetic approach to poor English.

The implicit question was: if frying eggs in oil or butter is bad for you, would removing the fatty oils from the process (e.g. filling a frying pan with water instead of oil) be better for you?

That’s not what the question said, but it’s what it seems to have meant. And OP eventually adjusted it to “Oh, you call that poaching in English.”

Your answer is “frying eggs is not bad” (well, depends on bad, because consuming lots of food fried in oil is considered bad for you for a reason), but “frying in water is impossible”.

That doesn’t answer the question, because it rejects that the question even makes sense. There are plenty of answers like that here.

I *think* what’s happened here is that the moderator thought the implicit question did make sense (because it was speaking about the harmfulness of oil, and whether removing oil from the process would make a difference), and that you didn’t address it.

I don’t agree with that call; it is, in any case, speculation. Poor English will prejudice readers, especially if there is some difficulty in recovering the meaning. I will say, though, that I didn’t think your answer particularly ambiguous.

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