Why can’t I make my Quora name appear in lowercase?

Quora’s Real Name Policy is nabbing you, as Konstantinos Konstantinides pointed out: Do I have to use my real name on Quora? What is Quora’s Real Names policy?. Quora requires you to use your legal name (or some close approximation of it: nicknames should be OK, but sometimes turn out not to be).

Legal names in English are capitalised. If you don’t capitalise them, Quora bots assume you are dodging your legal name, and possibly that you are falsifying your name somehow (pseudonyms on social media are routinely lowercase).

If you have legal ID with a lowercase rendering of your name on it, you can submit that to Quora, and require them to comply. … You will then quite possibly find that they can’t anyway, because they’ve automated Titlecase.

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