How many windows are open on whatever device you’re using to answer this question? What are they?

Wow. 2015 MacBook Pro.

Safari open with 11 windows, 73 tabs.

9 Windows in Finder. I tend to leave search windows open.

12 Terminal windows. I only need 4 at a given programming task.

16 tabs in my BBEdit text editor. I only need one or two.


System settings.


Mac Mail, with 5 emails open.

I’m on vacation. There’s normally also two or three Microsoft Office documents, at least one Excel Spreadsheet, often one or two Powerpoints, iTunes, Slack, Skype, and maybe the Eclipse programming environment.

I know you want to know about the tabs open while on Quora in particular. I’ll have multiple tabs open with notifications (because I keep forgetting, and because notifications is how I navigate what to do), answer requests (which this was one of), a couple of Wikipedia pages to help with answers, half a dozen answers I should get around to reading or commenting on. When I don’t have as big an A2A backlog, and at least one instance of a Quora feed.

If I end up opening a new window for Quora because of tab overload, the “I’ll get around to them” tabs end up forgotten in the old window.

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