If Satan had Quora, what questions would he ask?

  • Michael Masiello: what are your views on theodicy? (“Fuck you” is not an adequate answer)
  • Am I also Shaytan?
  • Am I also Kali?
  • Am I also Angra Mainyu?
  • Am I also the Demiurge?
  • If God is Good is He also God? If God is God is He also Good?
  • Should pronouns referring to Satan be capitalised?
  • Why do I get to have all the good tunes?
  • Is The Devil Went Down To Georgia really a good tune?
  • Seriously?

  • If I’m meant to have all the good tunes, what explains the albums of Anton LaVey?
  • How can I revive Manichaeanism?
  • How can I distance my brand from Alisteir Crowley’s?
  • Are the Rolling Stones still writing good songs?
  • How about those South Park guys?

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