Should Quora have a feature allowing users to upvote, comment on or otherwise validate a user’s profile bio?

Unlike other answerers to this question, I heartily approve of social use of Quora, including clever profiles. (How many kidneys was it you said you have again, Hayley?)

But I’m quizzical about upvotes or comments on them. There’s no precedent for that kind of thing on social media that is not embarrassed to call itself social media. Since the profile is a self-expression, it is problematic to approve or disapprove of it: that is irrelevant to whether the profile is a self-expression or not. And attaching a comment chain to a profile would very quickly get derailed.

I’d have thought the less obtrusive thing to do is to compliment the writer on their clever profile the first relevant opportunity you get. In a PM, if they have messages enabled. Or in a comment.

Or even (as I’ve done here) with an answer. 🙂

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