Questions on personal finance or the wedding industry

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Posted 14 hours ago

One of Upwork’s Enterprise clients urgently needs a Talented Writer.


This role requires 10-20 hours per week, all remote.

Write interesting and thoughtful questions in an assigned field that many people may be interested in knowing the answer to. These questions are intended to be answered by writers on Quora with knowledge of these topics

Things we look for include:
Bachelors degree, or working toward one
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong editorial judgement and attention to detail
Interest in either personal finance or the wedding industry (or both)
Organization and efficiency
Ability to work independently with minimal direction

* Must be based/located in the US

Please attach a copy of your CV/Resume in PDF format once you apply.
Thank you and Happy Working !


Activity on this Job

Proposals: Less than 5

Last Viewed by Client: 5 hours ago

Interviewing: 3

Invites Sent: 42

Unanswered Invites: 34

I wonder if putting this up will get me in trouble. Then again, it’s not like a certain company in Mountain View is particularly coy about putting ads up on Upwork. (Clients on Upwork in fact are normally quite secretive about who they are.)

Thank you, and Happy Working!

(They left out “we’re excited to announce…”)

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