What revelations about fellow Quorans did you discover which surprised you?

Another comment asks if we remember the time when people didn’t have to promote themselves on Quora—I think people always did, if, perhaps, more naively, and more narrowly. But now the hucksters have figured out the system, as they do.

Instead, we’ve dug down and built dens and hollows in the earth, showed each other the tunnels and mistaken it for the surface. And when one of the peacocks manages to peck into the tunnel, we shudder and tell ourselves that it’s not of this world. It’d be too terrifying, otherwise.

The BNBR is fresh. It still smarts.

OK, that aside,

  • That Hayley More, she who asked me, may have three kidneys.
    • Yeah, in-joke, whatevs. Pit orchestra, Hayley. That’s where the big bucks are.
  • That Michael Masiello has an American accent.
    • He’s my confrere, he’s grandiloquent, he’s Rabelasian: how can he have a mellow chill East Coast accent? How does he not sound as British as Falstaff?
  • That Habib Fanny has a West African Francophone accent.
    • Again, colour me surprised that an Ivorian would sound like an Ivorian; but the guy is so culturally fluent, with such panache, that I was expecting him to have the accent Michael does. And you know, I would have been less surprised if Michael had Habib’s accent.
  • That Dimitra Triantafyllidou’s baby curls did not persist into her middle age
    • It’s not like I had much more to go on at the time than her profile photo.
  • That Dimitris Almyrantis is the age he is.
    • I’m not repeating it, I’ve blown his cred enough with it. He really does write as if he’s three times the age, though.
  • That Jeremy Markeith Thompson has grown a beard.
    • You’ll always be smooth shaven in my mental scrapbook, Jeremy!
  • That all of Comrade Victoria Weaver’s profile pics are of the same person.
    • I’m minded to stop calling you “Comrade” and start calling you “Proteus”.
  • That Mickie Southam is not a bloke called Mickey.
    • You’d think I’d be attuned enough to the subtleties of English spelling to have worked that one out.
  • That Tracey Bryan really does sound that Ocker.
    • Sorry I’ve been scarce, Trace. You know. Stuff. Will try to catch up soon!

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