What are some aspects of famous Quorans that you dislike?

Ahah! An opportunity to complain about Quora Celebrities! Which I’m not! I’m, what, tier #3 out of #4?

Surprised I haven’t found this already asked elsewhere. Though, of course, Quora Search.

There are frequent recurring complaints about Tier #1 writers, those with follower counts in the tens or hundreds of thousands. They are why I make a point of not following them, and have limited interaction with them. They are not intrinsic personality flaws: they are partly Quora Celebrities being the victims of their success (overloaded in Quora traffic), and partly Quora Celebrities being the victims of being the kinds of personalities that end up being followed by hundreds of thousands.

Just a list in no particular order, and with no particular referents. (OK, some of them I have some people in mind, but this is not meant for character assassination.)

  • Soapboxing
  • Superciliousness
  • Superficiality
  • Surfeit of Upvotes
  • Instablocking
  • Ignoring Interaction
  • Intransigence
  • Irascibility
  • and: Cliquishness
    • Yes, we Tier #2 and #3 people do it too. But we don’t have an official Facebook forum for it.

EDIT: I am hereby adopting Eric Villines’ taxonomy, which is nicely refined: Eric Villines’ answer to What are the different “tiers” of Quora writers (related to number of views)? I am talking about his Tier #6.

To summarise (with my descriptors):

  • Tier 1: lurkers. 0 followers.
  • Tier 2: occasional users. <10 followers. 10–1k views/month.
  • Tier 3: regular users. 10–20 followers. 1–10k views/month.
  • Tier 4: serious users. 20–1k followers. 10k–100k views/month.
  • Tier 5: popular/addicted users. 1k–10k followers. 100k–1M views/month.
  • Tier 6: superstars. 10k+ followers, 1M+ views.

Under this taxonomy, everyone I choose to associate with is #3–#5, and my big change in Quora behaviour was when I started to associate with #5, fairly recently. The famous people described in this answer are #6. I am #4, and will hit #5 on current trends next year.

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