Why does Quora ban so many great writers?

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Why does Quora continue banning so many great Quora writers?

Konstantinos Konstantinides’ answer is true enough: people get banned because they break a rule. The multiple account rule has been quite frequently applied lately, as you can see by perusing the edit logs of banned users listed on Necrologue.

Remember Hanlon’s razor, folks. It’s easy to speculate that Quora is getting rid of anyone too contentious or colourful, because they might scare off potential investors somehow. That was widely speculated about after the expulsion of the sainted Jimmy Liu.

But no, I don’t think Quora is getting rid of its most popular and/or best writers on purpose.

What’s actually going on is four things:

  • Popular writers get exposed to more interaction, so they are more at risk of adverse attention, reporting by people that don’t like them, and losing their temper to begin with; they’ve said as much.
  • Quora makes a point of applying moderation against TW writers, pour encourager les autres.
  • Quora is not strategic about who it bans and who it tries to keep. I’m yet to see much evidence that Quora is strategic about anything. Especially 6 years in.
  • Quora doesn’t actually care that much about TWs. This contradicts the impression of a TW cabal, and the natural expectation that Quora cultivates its top assets. But there’s a lot more writers where they came from; Quora knows it and acts accordingly.

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