Who are some of your favorite Quorans you’ve only discovered recently?

OK, going backwards in my followee list for the past month:

  • Spyros Theodoritsis. Exceedingly good on Greek history.
  • User. Exquisite command of language and literature. She’s deactivated; I pray it’s only temporary.
  • Susan James. Entertaining answers on sex. (Yes. Entertaining that way.) I’m glad she’s starting to write on other topics, but she writes very effectively on her major topic.
  • Mehrdad Dəmirçi. For some reason, I have ended up hanging out with Azeris here, despite having an Armenian wife. (Yes, because Pegah.) He’s a ringleader in that group, and has lots of good questions—only some of which I have any ability to answer.
  • Ben Kelley. Fearsomely sharp answers on Australian and International politics.
  • Eutychius Kaimakkamis. Clued-in Cypriot.
  • Naomi Lauren. Thoughtful transwoman, who I have more to learn from.
  • Annika Schauer. I resisted the lure of Ms Carter Clock for a long time, because Quora Superstar; but… yes. She’s a good egg.
  • Ayse Temmuz. Wields the clue-stick on all things Turkish.

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