Follow up on Reddit trolls

I received this in email today and am passing it on, anonymously.

I am a moderator of that subreddit r/indianpeoplequora.

With reference to your blog post: How Reddit trolls have infiltrated Quora:

I have removed all those posts where the users show they have asked troll questions on Quora. I have even updated the rules of the subreddit to not allow such things in the future.…

I’ve created that subreddit a long time ago just for posting funny Quora question/answers written by Indians. Here’s an example of one of the earlier posts:…

I didn’t know all this would have happened.

Regarding trolls, I’ve seen a few on Quora before the subreddit even existed. I’ve seen one vandalize content and ask harassing/creepy questions. I’ve reported them to the Quora admins and had them banned.

The ones you have pointed out:

Regarding the Reddit accounts,

The Reddit account of Raden Smith has deleted his 1-yr old account, and the other has been banned from r/indianpeoplequora.

I am not that active on either Reddit or Quora these days, so I have added more moderators to keep things under control.


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