Can I write a Quora blog in a language other than English?

Quora, once again, is contradictory about this. Jay Wacker, consider this feedback.

Quora requires that content on English Quora ( be written in English.

Content includes blogs.

Blogs that have content primarily in a language other than English should not attach English topics to the blog.

This presupposes that blogs can be in languages other than English.

The former answer is newer, so I presume it takes priority; the latter answer hasn’t been updated in three years.

Xianhang Zhang’s answer to What are some of the basic “Community Management 101” mistakes that Quora has made? (written 2010, updated 2013):

  • Inadequate information architecture of the existing documented procedures. Dogfooding is all well and good but Quora deciding to put its charter documents in the same Q&A system as everything else means that they’re fragmented and may as well not exist for new users.

And, I’ll add, difficult to keep up to date and consistent. As Elliot Mason can attest (Beware of the Leopard).

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