What are your standards for muting someone on Quora?

I mute people who violate my own standards of appropriate Quora behaviour. They are not Quora’s. I don’t mute people for being not nice (nice?!) or not respectful (respectful? I’m Australian!)

I have muted people for being:

  • Conspiracy theory peddlers
  • Antagonistic
    • My fellow Language fans can all conjure up to mind the spelling reform advocate who combines both. No, I am not personally responsible for the lack of spelling reform in English.
    • Antagonism seems to be a cut above BNBR; there’s several Quill-bearers who’ve remained unpunished despite them, but they won’t be getting my eyeballs. OTOH, there are several natural candidates for the Quill who aren’t getting it, and the most obvious cause is their antagonistic demeanour. Including one very erudite writer, currently serving a six month edit block.
  • Incoherent
    • There’s one particular poster I have in mind who seems to have some sort of disorder impairing her coherence. I’m sure she’s lovely, and I’m sure I don’t have the professional training to make sense of her.
  • Blocking Comments
    • It’s your right to refuse me my feedback. It’s my right to refuse you my eyeballs.
  • My particular bugbear, and much too prevalent in the upper echelons: Arrogant
    • And if you do both… hoo boy. To perdition with you.

There are other classes of noxiousness, such as Polyannas and Salespeople and Bigots, but my topic feed curation seems to have kept them the hell away from me.

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