Why was the CEO of the Quora Hotline, Johanna Swan, banned?

In advance of this question being deleted, thanks to the diligence of other Quora users 😐

  • Don’t know
  • Can’t mention her on Necrologue, because she has < 100 followers.
  • Can’t see her profile to see what reason was given, because it’s unclickable as Quora User, under the subscribers to the Quora Hotline topic.
  • Because her name is changed to Quora User, a name change is somehow involved. This may merely be an edit block, and a request for her to change her name by Moderation, under suspicion of it not being a real name, rather than a ban.

EDIT: She’s back, as Jessica Wiggins: What’s With the Name Change??? by Jessica Wiggins on Jo’s Place

cc William Andersson

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