Why did Quora introduce the endless scrolling feature?

It was all the rage in 2010. In fact, I’ve spoken with old time users who said that in 2010, it really did look like the hottest thing out there, and now, not so much.

Pros and cons of infinite scrolling are offered in this article from way back in 2013:

And inevitably, the venerable Nielsen Usability Voice Of God has weighed in:

Quora gets away with infinite scrolling because its ranking algorithm bubbles up good enough answers to the top of the page, that it does not get annoying. For most users, in most contexts. But if you’re doing something different, like looking for collapsed answers, or the oldest piece of content, or a chronological search halfway through all your edits ever, infinite scrolling is your enemy. The When Infinite Scrolling Fails section of the first article is a microcosm of Quora; and the article does recommend a hybrid approach.

A hybrid approach you can actually hack yourself: Hidden pagination feature. by John Gragson on Bug? or Feature?

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