The solipsism of Quora comments

“We all have our little solipsistic delusions, ghastly intuitions of utter singularity”: David Foster Wallace.

Triggered by a discussion thread at…: thanks to Josephine Stefani, Philip Newton, and Nirmalya Kajuri. (All my comments are showing in recommended. How come?)

If you leave a comment for an answer, it will show up under Recommended—as far as you can tell. Don’t let that go to your head: for everyone else, it may still show up under the All bucket, depending on your PeopleRank (or something).

Reason why this is a feature: you want to see your own comments when you look at the comments field.

Reason why this is a bug: the longstanding critique of Quora UX as “mystery meat navigation.” (Who came up with that, Erica Friedman?)

Mystery Meat

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