Zeibura undertakes some archaeology

This is not a drawing I drew. This is a drawing the most excellent Zeibura S. Kathau drew, demonstrating that just as he is no amateur linguist, he is also no amateur surrealist.

As often happens with these cartoons, the artist gatecrashed banter between Quorans.

The banter started here: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-Lat…

Robert Todd:

Jeebus. Remind me never to pick a fight with you in an Indo-European language. You didn’t like Grammatikos as a nickname, so I was going to tag “morphology” to dub you “Morphophilios.” But then it hit me. In psychiatric practice, morphophilia “refers to the gaining of sexual pleasure and ‘arousal from a person with a different physique’ whereas a definition provided by the less academic Quipper website says it is simply the ‘love of odd body shapes.’”


Nothing odd about the body shape that I… oh, never mind. Though you know what I’m alluding to 🙂

I’ll take Grammaticus! Puts me in the same company as Saxo Grammaticus.

[Whatever I’m alluding to, it’s not as bad as you’re thinking 🙂 ]



2100 and archaeologists in county Mayo uncover evidence of Nick Nicholas and Robert Todd having banter in Old Irish

What are some good memes about the coup attempt in Turkey, July 2016?

OP, asked because I saw these in my Facebook feed:

Before: Under PASOK. After: Under SYRIZA.

Come back! Or at least give me a call!

Add me! I’ve been blocked!

[Erdoğan citing a Greek pop song about Lara Novakov’s favourite holiday destination]

I’m seeking asylum in Chalkidiki.
Because “there’s no place like Chalkidiki.”