Guess the Quoran

Esteemed Jokesters.

Some of you may well recall with affection the extremely recent question: To any popular or Top Writers: can you anonymously answer this question in such a way that we can guess who you are?

Deleted, of course.

Edward Conway has taken the initiative to put up an equivalent blog:

Guess The Quoran

An opt-in Game where Quorans try to guess which Quoran wrote a passage of text.

This is not strictly speaking a joke forum or question; but I’m hoping you’ll be sympatico with it, join in—and spread the word!

In what languages does “everything is in order” stand for “everything is alright” (and sounds natural)?

Add Modern Greek, as a calque from German into Ancient Greek (Katharevousa):

όλα εν τάξει. Now spelled as a single word εντάξει, because that’s a fricking dative, and we don’t have datives any more.