How long did it take you to become popular on Quora?

I didn’t keep enough notes as I went, Habib le toubib. But inasmuch as I am a popular user now:

  • I joined August 2015.
  • By Villines Tiers (or at least the easy metric, number of followers > 1000), 16 months: Dec 2016. The views cutoff came earlier, but I didn’t track it.
  • By hanging out with lots of popular Quorans, and starting to lose track of all the people following me, and vaguely feeling I’d somehow sold out on my early connections and interests, 14 months: Oct 2016
  • By first time I had more than, oh, 5k views in a day, 13 months: Sep 2016. Ditto first day I got more than 100 upvotes.

I think these all converge around the same time. My most viral answer *sigh* topped 25k views in a day, this past month; but viral answers are really not what I’m about here, and they’re not much of a metric for me being popular as me.

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