What would happen if you were banned by Quora tomorrow?

Ah, if I should die, think only this of me…

A2A. Why the A2A, Ishan Bhateja? Do you know something I don’t? 🙂

All things pass. You just hope they don’t pass sooner than you’d prefer. Or at the least, sooner than you are ready for it.

If I get banned?

  • Kick myself for not archiving my last few answers. Matter of fact, I think I’ll go do some archiving now.
  • Kick myself for not getting the contact details of all the close friends I have made here.
  • Reach out to all the close friends whose contact details I do have, and bind them to me, somehow.
  • Join a Quorans in Exile group. They do exist, apparently.
  • Quora now deletes the profile bios of the banned, so I can’t farewell the community on my own terms. So I’ll reactivate my defunct blogs, post my farewell there, and get back to blogging like it’s 2005.
  • Since it’s back to my own blog: violate lots and lots of BNBR. Έτσι, να βγάλω το άχτι μου, ρε πούστη μου! Γαμώ το φελέκι μου μέσα γαμώ!
  • Symbolically burn a few artefacts. I’ve found it does actually help.

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