Love this word, because it comes from my sister’s name, Irene. Love this word, because it describes the attitude I aspire to having on the Quoras, and I use it a fair bit myself as a disclaimer. Love this word, because while I had seen it ages back, the Magister reintroduced me to it.

Michael Masiello’s answer to Why is Quora becoming so conservative?

Trump’s less irenic supporters and admirers seem to see Quora as a liberal enclave at the moment.

Michael Masiello’s answer to Why is it that many anti-Trump leftists can’t have a civil debate without immediately getting emotionally charged?

Liberals likewise owe a hearing to any conservative who is irenic and who will make arguments based on verifiable facts and logic.

Definition of IRENIC

favoring, conducive to, or operating toward peace, moderation, or conciliation

Eirene was the goddess of peace. Her name is also the Greek word for “peace,” and it gave rise to irenic and other peaceable terms including irenics (a theological term for advocacy of Christian unity), Irena (the genus name of two species of birds found in southern Asia and the Philippines), and the name Irene.

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