How is Quora able to mark questions as “needing improvement” so quickly?

To add to Vivek Joshy’s answer:

Quora is also clearly marking questions as “needing improvement” based on a grammar bot. The grammar bot has a better command of grammar than many people.

But not better than all people. The grammar bot has a somewhat… limited understanding of grammar, and I have found myself randomly rearranging punctuation and capitalisation, to get things past it. Linguistic questions, with words being cited for discussion, are particularly difficult for it to handle: do use italics.

As for Vivek’s contention that:

It would only do this type of moderation if it is very sure that the question is of that type.

Well… that has not been my experience.

There is in fact an army of people looking at Quora content (Trusted Reporting (Quora feature)), but they’re looking for BNBR and such violations. The ability of users to mark questions as needing improvement (by adding the topic “Needs Improvement” has been taken away:

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