How extensive is the Quora lexicon?

Well, someone in 2014 came up with Quommunism and Quomrade:

You’ll see from my answer to the question two years later, that I was none too impressed with the coinage.

There’s the answers to What is the collective noun for Quorans (Quora Users)? Uncontroversially, Edward Conway won this with a Quorum of Quorans.

Quoring is used in at least some questions here; e.g Should I stop Quoring because no one upvotes my answers here? Why or why not?

Quorist is a rarer alternative to Quoran; e.g. For Quorists having more than one child: Why do you think that so many people decide against the deep joy of children or even stay childless?

EDIT: Also, Quoraverse: e.g. How many life forms reside in the Quoraverse?

For actual Quora lexicon, there is a good list of acronyms at Lorenzo Peroni’s answer to What acronyms or abbreviations are used frequently on Quora? What do they mean?

There’s also the long standing extension of ban to refer to edit-blocking, as a quirk of Quora vocabulary.

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