What is a fetish for being bitten called?

I draw attention to Nick Nicholas’ answer to What is it called when you get aroused by watching people die? as my credentials for answering this.

Especially my line:

Is not knowing shit about Classical languages a prerequisite for sexologists?!

It is, and I’m not finding the bite fetish in Aggrawal’s exorbitantly misspelled listing of 500-odd paraphilias.

Dacnolagnophilia, “bite horny obsession” is somehow a word for lust murder. God knows why. Dacnomania shows up at least in Italian as obsessive biting. And if sexologists did know shit about Classical languages, the word for a fetish for biting would be dacnophilia.

A fetish for being bitten? Greek doesn’t quite do that with the one stem, but I would go sideways, and use dēctophilia, “love of biters”.

But neither dacnophilia not dectophilia seem to have been used by anyone. After all, not knowing shit about Classical languages is a prerequisite for sexologists…

EDIT: Alberto Yagos has it: Odaxelagnia – Wikipedia

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