Which Quora users are authors or work in book publishing?

Originally Answered:

How many of you Quorans wrote books and what are their titles?

One academic text, a translation and commentary of a mediaeval Greek poem.

  • Nicholas, N. & Baloglou, G. 2003. An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds: Translation and Commentary. (Records of Western Civilization) New York: Columbia University Press. 557 pp.

One introduction to the Lojban language:

  • Nicholas, N. & Cowan, J.C. (eds) 2003. What is Lojban? / .i la lojban. mo. Fairfax (Va.): Logical Language Group. 174+iii pp.

Two translations of Shakespeare into Klingon:

  • Shakespeare. W. 2001. paghmo’ tIn mIS. Tr. Nicholas, N. [Translation of Much Ado About Nothing into Klingon.] Flourtown (Pa.): Klingon Language Institute. 199+xii pp.
  • Shakespeare, W. 2000. The Klingon Hamlet. Tr. Nicholas, N. & Strader, A. [Translation of Hamlet into Klingon; revised.] New York: Pocket Books. 219+xvi pp.

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