Why was my answer collapsed when I did not attack anyone or violate any BNBR?

Collapsed through downvotes, as another answer noted, and I’ve added mine.

Nothing I argued is factually wrong or constitute a personal insult.

Well, let’s see:

Yes, just like a bachelor degree in some stupid general studies or literature already lost its value.

people who pass exams, or stay endlessly in academic ivory towers to get degrees

Many of those adjuncts with Ph.D.s work as contract labour, because they lack the entreprenurial spirits of many second class graduates and dropouts who build companies, sell ideas.

It’s not even that you’re wrong; I don’t think you are. It’s that your tone is sneering against academia, and extols entrepreneurs (which I can just as readily denigrate as snake oil salesmen). You don’t have to insult individuals, to come across as insulting.

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