I have followed a lot of Quorans over time. How do I now choose who to unfollow to clean up my feed?

I’m confronting this issue myself, because I want to get closer to Dunbar’s number. And I’m reluctant to implement the right answer, because I’m reluctant to unfollow anyone.

  • The easy, as opposed to the right answer, is to eliminate people who got suggested to you as Facebook friends when you joined Quora, but who never post anything, or who got bored of Quora after a month.
  • And then generalise to those people you followed for that one awesome answer, but who you haven’t seen in your feed since, because they got bored of Quora after a month, or because they rarely post on stuff you care about.
  • I have sentimental reasons not to, but banned users count here as well.

Now, that will clean up your follower list, but that won’t clean up your feed, because those users weren’t showing up in your feed to begin with.

The real answer is: look at the users active in your feed critically, and ask yourself if you care about seeing their stuff in your feed. That’s tough, but there’ll be some you won’t care about any more.

  • Anyone you followed only because they followed you, back in the day, and they haven’t given you added reason to since.
  • Anyone you haven’t exchanged a comment with ever.
  • Anyone who normally posts about stuff you don’t care about.
  • Anyone who, as Michelle Roses put it, has turned into a raging a-hole.
  • Anyone you just followed for cred, and not because you will ever read them.

Good luck. I know I’ll need it…

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