What’s the next useful and perfectly good feature that Quora is going to do away with?

Ooh… Idle speculation! Love it!

Wild speculation:

*touch wood* Blogs.

Marginalised in the UX for a very long time; not aligned well to the Q&A aspect of Quora; too individualised, at a time when the site seems to be inching away from individuality; not subject to content moderation.

*touch wood*

The current trend though, is away from social media functionality, and has been deemphasising your followers. So:

Less Wild speculation:

In the display of your followers, or the mouseover display of a user: the followers you have in common.

It’s the last piece of the puzzle: MVW badges and TW quills have already been taken away from the former.

Really Wild Speculation:

Oh, this one’s nasty.

Survey Questions.

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