Can we change to the name of the Byzantine topic to Eastern or Later Roman, because Byzantine is a erroneous term made up by hardcore Romanophiles?

Your fellow hardcore Romanophobes already have. Roman Empire has already had the following topics merged in:

  • (Merged from Byzantium)
  • (Merged from Byzantine Empire)
  • (Merged from Byzantine)
  • (Merged from Byzantine History)

The lack of any East Roman Empire topic is… not helpful, and it’s probably too much work now to introduce one.

Byzantines is the one remaining topic that allows us to narrow down anything between 330 and 1453. We could rename Byzantines to East Roman Empire, but the real work to be done is to unmerge Byzantine Empire, even if it means renaming it East Roman Empire, to placate Romanophobes. And the merger has been there for a while: it would need a lot more retagging.

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