What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?

No, I’m not going to read 111 answers to see if someone has already said this.

We live in an age where stirring controversy seems to be require you to be a Circumcellion: you have to actively provoke people for them to get mad at you.

A Traveller Way-Laid:

Here’s an exception.


Yeah, yeah, I don’t smoke, I have a history of bronchitis, disclaimer disclaimer, whatever.

Smokers are not vermin.

Smokers are not my enemy.

Smokers are not hitting me with a club, yelling LAUDATE DEUM and begging me to martyr them.

I rather enjoy passive smoking with my European mates. In theory, because in practice they’ve all scattered, and it’s actually rather difficult for me to get passive smoking anywhere in Melbourne.

And yes, that’s an acutely controversial statement in most circles I know.

MJM, this one’s for you.

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