I love youse women

Did anyone notice a slightly… male bias to I love youse guys #2?


That’s because I was saving up the female Quorans I have come to admire and appreciate and learn from since I love youse guys for a second post.

So, to: Sierra Spaulding (wield the sword); Jordan Yates (holding Yorick the Skull); Gigi J Wolf (La Gigi!); McKayla Kennedy (McDoodles!); Clarissa Lohr (estimegata malsamideano); Tracey Bryan (Traaaace!); Pegah Esmaili (canım! PUT DOWN THE POTATO CHIP!); Laura Hale (more Numbers please); Kelley Spartiatis (the Virgin-Voiced Scouse); Irene Colthurst (Doctor of Americana); Audrey Ackerman (Jane Marr!); Josephine Stefani (Spirit Sister! Prost!); Sophia de Tricht (*please don’t hurt me*); Jae Alexis Lee (I hate it when she’s right, which is all the fricking time); Mary C. Gignilliat (Lady X[XX]),

I love reading you, I love seeing you, I love bantering with you, and I love learning from you.

I love youse chicks.

Er, babes.

Er, ladies.

Er, women. That’s it. I love youse women.

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