What does Trump’s presidency mean for Australia?

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What would a Trump presidency mean for Australia?

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Bob Carr was NSW State premier for a very long time, but always wanted to be Foreign Minister. He even managed to be one for a few months. He’s obsessed with American politics, as any Foreign Minister has to be, and almost creamed his jocks when he was on a panel with PJ O’Rourke recently.

Anyway. He was lapping up the limelight on the Australian govt TV news on election night. His assessment? A lot of countries in the region are going to be seeking out Australia, the only alliance Trump hasn’t dissed yet, to work out what the hell is going on with Trump. And Australia itself is going to very quietly reevaluate how tightly it is committed to the alliance, and whether having Australian generals take orders from Commander In Chief Trump is really such a great idea.

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