How many ‘ask to answer’ requests do you typically receive on Quora?

Five-odd a day?

Some are odd.

Nick Nicholas’ answer to Do you feel differently about A2A questions, compared to questions you find on your own?

Some of my most fun answers are from insane, WTF A2As; Jeremy Markeith Thompson and Habib Fanny have been especial culprits.

A lot of them are scattergun (he’s a linguist guy! he’s an Australian guy! he hates Quora Inc!), and they sit guiltily in the in-queue until I give up.

I had a queue of maybe 300 a few months ago, that I hadn’t even noticed were there (Quora UI for the win). I tried to cut down on the backlog for weeks. Quora UI Fail eventually saved me: the really old answers just disappeared from my queue one day. (They disappeared on different days on mobile and on desktop.) One of them occasionally burbles up, from the depths of time…

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